Saving Babylon

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I want you to know the real story of what we, the US military, were doing in Iraq, all those years,

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For the News Media the story of Iraq ended a long time ago, way before we pulled all of our troops out. But for us in the military, we have still been there up until now; still serving, fighting and dying, none of which has been deemed news worthy for some time by the media. The bloody Iraqi news stories and all the negative press surrounding our military presence there, have all vanished from the front pages several years ago.

After 8 years, Operation Iraqi Freedom is now over and all the troops have finally come home.  Yes, the liberation of Iraq and freedom for the Iraqi people came at great cost to the US and to the men and women in the military who have served there. But, there is more to the story then the news would have you believe.  And “Saving Babylon” helps make sence of all that has been spent and all that has been sacrificed.

Did you know that the average Iraqi greatly appreciates the sacrifices we have made and all the good that has been done to help make their country safer and to give all of them a new free start, with hope for a brighter future? Did you know that the majority of Iraqis are wonderful, loving, hospitable people?

Saving Babylon is the untold true-life story of the Iraqi people; their warmth and kindness, their appreciation, and their deep love and respect for the US soldier. And a glimpse of one soldier’s successful efforts to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.

There is a personal humanistic side to the war in Iraq, not depicted in any other stories coming out of Iraq.  We the US military were successful in breaking through language and cultural barriers with the Iraqi people and accomplished so much good that has never been reported.

I should know, I have been deployed there three times and have witnessed first hand the great amount of good that has been done by thousands and thousands of US soldiers. Through our efforts, thousands of schools have been renovated  and remodeled, hundreds and hundreds of miles of roads have been built, repaired and paved, clinics opened, hospitals rebuilt an, small and large businesses started, water and sewage treatment plants set up, infrastructure established, a Iraqi style democratic government set up, and the list goes on and on.

And more than that hundreds of non-profit organizations have sprung up since the war began, set up by soldiers and soldier families to help care for the needs of the Iraqi people; their sick and afflicted, their impoverished and suffering ones, their neglected and forgotten ones. We in the military have cared enough to do something for them, but none of our great stories have found their way into the news.

For many years you were fed a daily diet of depressing stories by our fellow citizens in the media; constantly dwelling on the negative and on what has gone wrong in Iraq.  Rarely have you ever heard any stories about all the good we have accomplished over those same years in Iraq.

Where are the stories of all the sick and otherwise afflicted children whose lives have been blessed forever by our presence in their country? Where are all the good stories of the positive changes and improvements we have been a part of? Where are the stories of the thousands of lives that have been changed for the better?

The answer is in my book “Saving Babylon; the heart of an Army Interrogator in Iraq”. This is the other side to the story you weren’t told, the more positive – human side to what we were doing there.  

And I want you to have my book for free, so you will know too, as I know, that we did a lot of good there for the Iraqi people.

For just the cost of shipping, packaging and handling, only $5.00, I am willing to send you a personally signed copy of my book, as a gift from me to you.

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