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Please Send Christmas Stockings

Operation Christmas Stocking

The Christmas that almost wasn’t:

There was no white snow covering all the yards and streets, no beautifully colored Christmas lights adorning the houses, no presents piled up under a tall Christmas tree, no thoughts of Santa coming, no joyful Christmas caroling, and most of all no excited children to help remember the excitement of Christmas.

We were in Iraq serving our country and fighting for the freedom of those people.

But then, magically, like a miracle from heaven, hundreds of boxes of stuffed Christmas Stockings arrived; full of the greatest stuff you could ever imagine, enough to fill a twenty-foot container. Stockings full of the kinds of things soldiers love to get from home and other much needed items that meant the soldier didn’t have to spend his own money buying it when he ran out.

Just like Mom and Dad used to do under beds and in closets, we kept all the stockings under lock and key, in the closed metal shipping container, until Christmas Eve. Like little Santa’s Elves, dressed in Santa hats, we loaded up our vehicle full of stockings, one load after another, and went out delivering a slice of Christmas to everyone we came in contact with; young and old alike, soldier or civilian, foreigners or anyone else working on the base that day.

Well into Christmas Eve and all the next day, Christmas Day, (of course in-between Christmas Lunch and Dinner), to the surprise and joy of every recipient, we delivered a bursting-at-the-seam Christmas Stocking. Because of all the great people back home and because of Operation Give and FedEx, hundreds and thousands of smiling people, all away from home during the holidays, received a Christmas gift of love, one they will never forget.

For a moment it felt like Christmas, especially for us doing the delivering. We had something to give and others had a gift to receive, as love and appreciation for Christmas spread throughout the camp. We did remember the true meaning of Christmas and it all began with a stocking from home.

Don’t forget about our men and women serving our country, away from home and loved ones during Christmas. Everyone at Operation Give is working hard right now to get all the stockings we can ready to send off to those serving in the military around the world; even to South Korea where I am stationed right now.

We need you to send Operation Give as many stuffed stockings as you can, or send us the items so we can stuff the stockings. They have to be shipped soon, so please don’t delay in responding. You can look on the website to see a list of things that are desired, at operationgive.org.
Please send us whatever you can. We could really use your help. Or even volunteer to come down to the warehouse on our next stocking stuffing activity.

Chief Wiggles
“Doing it the Wiggles Way”

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