Counting of Blessings once again:

Counting of Blessings once again:

Over shish kabobs, humus and pita bread, last night I had the good fortune of having dinner with Najat Abdullah, representative of the Kurdish Regional Government.

For many years Operation Give had been sending humanitarian supplies to Iraq through various US military channels, in order to get essential supplies to those who needed them most. As long as the US military was in Iraq, they represented an efficient and effective distribution means. After the US military left Iraq, our delivery channels basically dried up and it became almost impossible for Operation Give to get humanitarian supplies to refugees in Iraq. There was just no one we could trust.

That all changed when I was able to make contact with Najat representative of the Kurdish Regional Government or KRG in Northern Iraq. Through his efforts and the established distribution channels of the KRG, Operation Give was finally able to start sending a variety of humanitarian supplies to the refugees of Northern Iraq again.

After having fled before the savage onslaught of ISIS throughout the northern half of Iraq, hundreds of thousands of Yazidis and Christian refugees found refuge in refugee camps in the Kurdish territory of Northern Iraq. Through the kind and generous support of the KRG, Operation Give was able to once again send school supply kits, newborn infant kits, basic hygiene kits, blankets, clothes, shoes, etc, to thousands of Iraqi men, women and children, who had left all their worldly possessions behind.

It has been the long standing mission of Operation Give to build bridges through giving to people in need in war-torn countries throughout the world. We at Operation Give, through the efforts of Najat and other members of the KRG, were finally able to build a trusted distribution channel; enabling us to once again hand carry humanitarian supplies directly to those targeted. This was reminiscent of the way I personally distributed supplies before when I was deployed to Iraq in 2003-04 and 2010-11.

Miracles continue to occur and propel Operation Give further along its path of helping those in need. We are now talking about sending several additional ocean containers full of supplies to those people.

God is good.

Chief Wiggles

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