Northern Iraqi Refugee Relief: June 2015

Northern Iraqi Refugee Relief: June 2015

Northern Iraqi Refugee Relief

Help us send two forty-foot ocean container loads of humanitarian supplies to the Christian and Yazidi refugees now finding refuge in the Northern Iraqi City of Erbil, by donating items to Operation Give.

For many of you who followed Paul’s blog back in 2010 and 2011, while he was deployed to Camp Marez/ Camp Diamond on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq, you might recall all of his blog posts relating to the two Iraqi Sheikhs he worked closely with; who lived in the Nineveh province in Northern Iraq. Together they took humanitarian supplies to many schools, hospitals and poor neighborhoods throughout the Ninevah province, working side by side helping the Christians in Qaraqosh ( Al Hamdaniya) and Alqosh, the Yazidies from the Mt. Sinjar area, and poor Muslims (Sunni and Shiite alike) throughout the Nineveh plains. You might recall they set up street lights surrounding the city of Hamdaniya to protect the Christians living there from outside would be intruders and attackers. You might remember they set up a soccer league for the kids in the two Sheikh’s village of Nemrud and had a championship game out in what was a corn field. They also gave out many micro-loans for Iraqis of any religion to start up small businesses throughout the area.


Due to the savagery of ISIS (ISIL) all of that has been destroyed. All that they tried to do to help those people is lost; except for the memories that now exist in their hearts and minds. All of the Christians and Yazidies in the area have either been murdered or have fled to Erbil; protected now only by the Kurdish Peshmerga militia; forced to leave everything they owned behind and their cities now all but deserted. Thousands upon thousands have been slaughtered.

The news articles below should shed some light on the current conditions


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