Operation Give, Our Vision: June 2005

Operation Give, Our Vision: June 2005

The Cost of Freedom

Monday, June 27, 2005

We all live in a world of fast cycles, fast lanes, fast food, express mail, expedited services, instant gratification, instant coffee, instant photos, microwaves, video games, digital photos, liposuction, cosmetic surgery, implants, and on and on. Regardless of the problem, there is a quick fix, a hybrid solution, a short term remedy, short cuts, quick response, immediate affect, and always a way to jump start and short cycle an instant remedy for quick results. Each and every day we mass produce a customized solution for meeting the high expectations of the individual so that we might all over achieve and over produce perpetuating our over consumption.

We look at life as if it is an arcade video game, with a solution to carry us to the next level around each corner. Our lives are looked at as a continuum of secret short cuts, temporary impasses, secret weapons, and instant success and gratification. We are short sighted, quarterly focused, always looking for the secret to making a quick buck. In our minds it is always about being the super power, giving us maximum thrust with minimum effort, to achieve exponential growth with nothing down.

Tomorrow we are going to listen to our President explain his overall plan for success in Iraq. For the most part we will watch with our normal skepticism, through our myopic eye, and our one sided view finder, hoping to have it all nicely interpreted afterwards by our unbiased news media who of course have taken the time to gather up all the basic data on both sides, so they might inform and educate us. We know they will be responsible in their reporting and will give us all sides of the very complicated situation.

We are being told that we the American people are growing weary of the war and so I guess we are. We don’t really understand people in that part of the world but who needs to. We have never had to speak a foreign language before because everyone speaks English in the world. We are the only remaining super power so I am sure we can just overwhelm our foes with our superior firepower. And by the way lets not miss an episode of our favorite show, grab some microwavable popcorn, get some pizza delivered within 30 minutes, so we can all escape for a moment while we catch our breath.

For centuries the people in the Middle East have been ruled by ruthless dictators, power hungry tribal leaders, over zealous clergy, and uncompromising royal families. For hundreds of years there has been a merging of culture, religion, traditions, tribal mentality, spiritualism, superstitions, and male superiority, that has created the mind set of the people we are dealing with today. Add to all of this mixture the controlling, suppressive and cruel policies of Saddam Hussein and you can start to imagine what we are facing over there.
We have initiated a change by bringing them a chance for freedom, a chance to be in control of their own destiny for the first time in perhaps hundreds of years. We have shown them another way, which to many might be threatening the stability of their old life style under Saddam. We offer them a chance to take their seat at the table of the world family as a free people, with dignity and respect.

But this is not all going to change overnight. It is going to be a long process, but little by little they will take charge and stand on their own two feet, as they gain strength and confidence. They too will at some point soon be the masters of their own destiny.

For now there is no easy solution for the problems in Iraq, but we at least have ignited the fire of hope, peace, and freedom in their hearts. We are giving all people in Iraq a chance to be treated equally and all become partakers of the bounties and riches their country has to offer. They do have a chance to taste the sweetness of freedom, through education, choices, and options in their lives.

But there are those who wish to subjugate others around them, in hopes of keeping them in bondage as slaves. There are those who desire to control others through fear and terror, hoping to secure their own base of power and wealth. Others filled with jealousy and hatred who desire our own demise.

I was there and have seen the hope and happiness in their eyes, as they began to realize a life with out Saddam. I have seen their joy and have partaken of their generosity, as they made every effort to show me their appreciation. I accepted their humanity and realized their similarities with us when we perhaps first tasted our own freedom a few hundred years ago.

We must remember the course of obtaining our own freedom, the length of the journey and the sacrifices of the many. History is replete with similar examples of the cost and requirements of freedom. As we do so, we must stay the course and not waiver in the fight to allow all people in our world family the opportunity to be partakers of the sweet taste of freedom. We have come this far and now we must go the distance. If not us who?

This is not a video game but it is real and must be taken seriously. Now that we have started the fight we must not leave until the people themselves are strong enough to take control of their own destiny. It is possible and I know with assurance that it will come to pass. Listen to the President with an open mind and heart, so that you might hear the inner deeper meaning that stands as the basis for his foreign policy. The pieces will be divulged. I am confident about that.

Have a great day.

Chief Wiggles
Doing it the wiggles way!!!!!

Posted by Chief Wiggles Monday, 27 June 2005 09:10 PM

My Book is Out

Sunday, June 26, 2005

After a year of hard work, my book, entitled “Saving Babylon, the Heart of an Army Interrogator in Iraq“, is out and can be ordered on my web site. This has been a long and laborious process but I am happy to say that it is finally finished. I have been working diligently for many months with two very skilled editors and writers to put together the story of my time in Iraq. My book is the real life story, with all the details, of my experiences as an Army interrogator in Iraq. I am really excited to have this available for everyone to purchase, so that the word might get out of all the good things that are happening in Iraq by our troops.

Please help get the word out about my book revealing the untold story of one example of how Americans are changing the face of the Middle East through specific acts of kindness. There is a side to this war that has been ignored for the most part by our media. My book sheds light on the other side of what it is really like to be an interrogator in the military.

Buy your copy today. You can go to the savingbabylon.com web site to order your own copy today.

Send it Forward – You can also send it forward by buying a book for someone else who might need to see things from a different perspective. Please provide their name and address.

Support our Troops by buying them a book
• Send them a positive message of hope
• Let them know their sacrifice is appreciated
• Help them help the children of Iraq

Send it Forward – It’s time every American learned the truth about the goodness of our men and women in uniform.

Send it Forward – Send a personalized copy of Saving Babylon to a soldier serving overseas.

Saving Babylon is a firsthand account of a soldier in Iraq who made a difference. Every American who wants to see what the liberation of Iraq meant to millions of Iraqis and the powerfully positive role of American, should read this book. It sends a powerful message of support to our troops still doing freedom’s work.

There are two ways you can send Saving Babylon to a soldier:

– Operation Give will send a copy of Saving Babylon to a soldier who would enjoy reading it

– You can send a copy of Saving Babylon to a friend or family member serving overseas (Please provide name and APO address)

A portion of the proceeds go to Operation Give to help delivery the most needed items to children in crisis, where ever our Armed forces are in the world.

Chief Wiggles.

Posted by Chief Wiggles Sunday, 26 June 2005 08:03 PM

Operation Give, Our Vision:

Monday, June 06, 2005

As I am forced to juggle my ever increasingly complicated life, with a full time day job as a Worldwide Account Manager at FedEx, my life as a citizen soldier in the National Guard, and a part time volunteer life as the president of Operation Give, I have realized how necessary it is for me to stay focused on what is really important. At times I feel that I am too close to the day to day operations of Operation Give to see the bigger picture that requires my attention. It is easy to become distracted by the urgent demands that pull me to and fro. I want so much to fulfill every need that might come to my attention but I also realize how my time, my energy, and my resources are all limited commodities.

In order for Operation Give to survive it is essential that I focus on what is most important. It is mandatory that I have a clear vision of what we are all about and that I be able to communicate this vision to others who also desire the perpetuation of Operation Give. The vision must be unique, meaningful, and of value to those involved. The vision must establish our purpose for being, which will guide us along this road map we are creating, preventing us from being distracted by the multiplicity of needs surrounding us.

We have had a magical beginning and fantastic year and a half history, during which all of us have accomplished so many amazing things. There are so many heart wrenching stories of love, kindness, generosity, and of giving. All over the country grass root programs have sprung up to collect school supplies, toys, medical supplies, hygiene items, clothes, shoes, and much more, which have all been sent to Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. It is amazing how, through your own initiative and through the goodness of FedEx, so many of you have been able to participate in making this all possible.

But the need is still great. There are men and women in our armed forces in many countries through out the world who, each and every day, while in harms way, attempt to make a difference in the lives of the people they come in contact with or endeavor to change an attitude about what Americans are really all about. There are children in crisis in these same countries that have been neglected and are in great need. There is a chance for these children to grow up with more understanding and less hatred. These children represent the future of our world. If we are going to make a difference it is going to have to be with them.

I recently spent a couple of hours with a small group of key individuals, attempting to crystallize our vision into a few words, so that all of us involved might stay on track. I would like to communicate this to all of you who still desire to take part in this effort and realize that there is still much to be done.

“Operation Give exists to provide what is needed most to children in crisis in places where our armed forces are engaged.”

We exist to assist the military in winning the hearts and minds of the people they come in contact with, through reaching out to help the children in need. We provide what is needed most to those that need it most.

And we would like all of you to participate in providing our loved ones in the military and the children in those lands with the critical resources and supplies needed to affect a change and make a difference in their lives. All of this helps those who gather up the critical items, those that give them out, and those that receive them.

Please don’t hesitate to start up your own grass roots drive to participate in this great cause. Support our armed forces through your efforts to show love not hatred and through giving not taking.

We have many new ideas and programs which we will be launching in the near future, that I am sure you will want to get involved in also.

Have a great day
Chief Wiggles
Doing it the wiggles way.

Posted by Chief Wiggles Monday, 06 June 2005 08:58 PM

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