Operation Give Drive in Utah!

Operation Give Drive in Utah!

The next Operation Give drive will be set into motion this coming Monday. It will end the last of August.

During this drive, we will be collecting items for hygiene kits, things like shampoo, combs, brushes, bars of soap, hand towels and the like. Of course, we will continue to collect toys for the children!

We wish to thank Andrea Ivie, owner of Aspen Salons, for offering her salons as drop-off places for the drive. Beyond that, she has organized groups to sort all of the items and get them ready to ship.

Items from this drive will be earmarked for the children and adults of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Click here to see the details. (.pdf file)

We will soon be posting about another drive coinsiding with the Utah holiday, Pioneer Day. This will be in Ogden Utah where the Chief will be part of the parade celebrating the holiday.

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